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Top female clothing brands in Pakistan.

Some of the famous female clothing brands of Pakistan.


Top female clothing brands in Pakistan is the frequently asked question.

Cloths ! Enhances the beauty and elegance of every human being. Especially females do not make any compromises when it comes to dressing well. Every female seems to compete with each other in terms of clothing. Every female wants to wear the best dress no matter how expensive it is. In the cycle of good, new, fashionable, beautiful, trendy and expensive clothes, many husbands are seen at shopping malls and shops.In today’s article we are going to solve all your clothes related problems. We will tell you about top female clothing brands in Pakistan. Brands that are extremely popular among women due to their quality, and sophisticated designs. If you also want to know about such brands then read this article till the end so that you can get the solution of all your problems.

Gul ahmed:

In the list of top femle clothing brands in Pakistan, Gul ahmed is on top. Gul Ahmed who is ruling the hearts of women in many countries including Pakistan with his slogan “Ideas for Life”. This brand named Gul Ahmed was created by Haji Bashir Ali Muhammad in 1953. Which with the passage of time became popular all over the world due to its unique style. The brand holds a special place in women’s hearts due to their modern designs, sophisticated textures, unique colour choices and excellent quality of fabrics. They not only provides women’s wear but also men’s wear and household items. Gul Ahmed has around 40 outlets across Pakistan selling thousands of products on a daily basis.

Nishat Linen:

Nishat Linen is another big name among top women’s clothing brands in Pakistan. It is a famous brand of ready-to-wear and un-stitched clothes, which is not only trendy in terms of fashion and unique in terms of its designs, but also its fabric is of very high quality. Nishat Linen’s first outlet was established in 1992 by a designer named Naz Mansha in Lahore and after that its growth gradually increased and till now it has 69 outlets which is a significant number among top females clothing brands in Pakistan. Apart from this, they have branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Canada and UK.

Sana safinaz:

Sana Safinaz, a luxury brand that holds a special place among women’s top clothing brands. Their costumes are designed with utmost sophistication. This brand considered credible because it was created by the two famous designers of Pakistan, Sana Hashwani and Safina Munir. It was founded in 1989 in Karachi.


Limelight is so popular among women for its unique and attractive style that many women have become fans of this brand. Their vibrant colours, soft fabrics, sophisticated embroidery, attractive prints and reasonable prices attract women. Limelight was discovered in 2010 by Wahaj Tariq and Amina Wahaj. And currently it has more than 70 branches across Pakistan.


Sapphire is a high street clothing brand of Pakistan which is a well-known name for ready-to-wear and un-stitched clothes. Sapphire’s first outlet was built almost nine years ago in 2014 by Nabeel Abdullah in Lahore, so far it has around 40 outlets across Pakistan and more are in the works. It is very famous for its luxurious prints. They started off with women”s-wear but gradually branched out into menswear and now cosmetics too.

Top female clothing brands in Pakistan.

Maria B:

Maria B is one of the few popular brands among females of Pakistan. The brand was started by Maria Butt in 1999. Maria Butt graduated from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Designing and later created an online clothing store where many of her designs were sold. After that he regularly created outlets of his designs. At present they have more than 20 branches all over Pakistan. Along with luxurious lawn and winter stuff, a large collection of luxurious bridal dresses are also available at their outlets.


When it comes to top female clothing brands, how can we forget Khadi. Despite its big name, Khadi provides clothes for all the women of Pakistan at very affordable prices. Khadi was first introduced in 1998 by Shimon Salman. Its first outlet was built in Karachi and so far it has around 65 outlets across Pakistan. Apart from this, it has 20 outlets in the United Kingdom as well. Khaadi is a well known for creating ready-to-wear and un-stitched luxury designs, embroidered dresses, durable winter wear and other types of clothing for people of all ages.


Breeze, Pakistani high-end fashion retailer brand founded in 1985 by Seema Aziz and Hameed Aziz. It’s the most recognized women’s clothing brand of Pakistan. This brand is the combination of rare and exquisite embroidered fabrics which is now gaining its unique recognition all over the world. Breeze has 90 outlets in Pakistan and also has some branches in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.


Ethnic, an iconic women’s clothing brand that has become one of Pakistan’s top female brands in a short span of time due to its unique, creative, and traditional approach to its name. Ethnic, a brand entered the fashion world in 2013 and has now created a distinct identity for its aesthetically appealing women’s and children’s wear.


These were some of the famous brands in the world of women’s clothing where they can find their favorite designs, colors, materials, and everything that they are looking for. Now you can also visit any of these brands and buy your favorite clothes according to the changing season. Hope you got a lot of new information about top female clothing brands in Pakistan, from this article. Which is your favorite brand? Let us know by commenting.

Top female clothing brands in Pakistan.

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