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An Educational System development concerning Coronavirus:

History | Online Study In Pakistan

Pakistan – A country of 2.1 billion people, fifth largest population in the world. According to world band average literacy rate in Pakistan ranges from 9.1% in tribal areas to 84% in Islamabad and the poverty have fell from 64.3% in 2002 to 29.5% in 2019.  These figures conclude that the people of Pakistan are become literate day by day and these figures Keeps on rising as both male and female are playing their respective Parts. According to foreign media sources internet access is available 76 million people in Pakistan, while local telecom provider claims to have covered 99% of the country. Which means that Pakistan is a digital nation so we are equipped with providing online education in Pakistan 

According to the list of Clarivate Analytics working under the umbrella of Nature indicated that Pakistan has the highest number of scientific papers published in 2018. This shows us that with each passing year the number of post doc is increasing making us one of the most adaptive research countries in the world. These all figures look good on screen but reality is somewhat different. People having access to higher education are very low as compare to the total population and the biggest challenge is the access of education which is becoming scarce for a middle call man to afford. 

The initiative of household study was first initiated by Allama Iqbal Open University which brough the education right at your door steps. It was the first non-formal education system started in 1974. There system of education and examination was very different from that of regular institutes and universities. It is considered as world largest university with respect to enrolment with a rough estimate of about 3 million students from Pakistan. As pioneer in distance learning other major institutes also join in the race of distance learning.

As the world step in the digital era a boost in the education sectors was also needed. The government took the initiative of establishing a digital university whose whole curriculum is online. The institute was named as the Virtual University and they start with distance learning programs with online classes. They mostly specialize in the Information Technology and related field. Soon all the major public and private sector institute institutes initiated their digital programs with first LMS (Learning Management System) Introduced by Comsats University. Soon every university now runs their independent LMS. But we as a nation are a disappointment. We haven’t utilized and understand the worth of these systems and never used these technologies at their potential

Study Online in Pakistan

Current Progress Of Online Education In Pakistan

A Catastrophe has struck our world which goes by the name of coronavirus. During these drastic times government have shut down countries entire infrastructure to protect its people. Same is the case with Pakistan. During these desperate times educational system has come to a halt. A child and a professional student both are sitting home wasting their most precious time. Parents all over the country are now concerned because of their child loss.

At times like these the systems introduced in Pakistan in 2007, are now completely feasible. Virtual class rooms and learning management system can resume the pause that was caused because of the coronavirus. But our university and institutes and unprepared and unable to immediate switch to the remote learning. HEC have also order institution to commence their programs but still there is little to no progress. Institutes like Punjab University and Government College University were the first to initiate the online programs but they still are facing technological, technical, or spatial limitations.

Primary and Secondary level institutes have also started their online programs, the purpose of these programs is only to engage student at home so that they don’t waste their time during the period of lockdown.

List of Institutes that are providing online Studies during Covid-19:

Study Online in Pakistan

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