History of the USA (Part-1)

The History of USA (United States of America) Part-1 | By Amber Fatima

History Of USA (United States Of America)

We began with 1750 in North America, its been 1050 years since outlets from western Europe mostly flame with famine, poverty, religious or political persecution, 1st arrivals in America. Their arrival is made at the expense of hundreds of millions of native Americans who live there for thousands of years mostly in tribes.

On the East Coast, Great Britain established colonies inhabited by 1.5 million people. The Northern region was specific for fishing and trades. The Southern area was filled with tobacco, rice, and cotton.the west have a boundary with the superpower of that time”France’. 

With the passage of time, triangular trade was started between Europe, Africa, and the USA.

The Pontiac war between France and Great Britain.

That war was started in 1754, which remained for 7 years, Great Britain won the war and hold the most of the areas of France and USA but the natives of USA want to نكالنا from their country that’s why they established a party called communists, they started a war against the government of Great Britain. In the end, the royal proclamation was signed with communists in 1763 but after some time, communists didn’t satisfy with this treaty. that’s why they show their anger in form of’ Boston tea party incident ‘in 1773 where they threw all the tea cargoes of British people in the ocean.

American revolutionary war 1774

In that situation, all the 12 colonies of native Americans sat together for decisions in Philadelphia where they signed an agreement against Britain. That agreement is called ‘first continental congress agreement’

In1775, on the other areas of the USA the war of independence, was started between British soldiers and patriots of America. That war is called’battle of Lexington and concord’

In 1776, the 2nd continental congress was held in which all the colonies signed the agreement for the war independence against Britain.

France was a great supporter of Americans, it started a war against Britain with a great force of its Allies. Spain and Netherland were also the allies of the USA and France.

1n 1783, great Britain laid down and the areas were divided into the respective countries

Establishment of the United States of America 

In 1787, the first constitution was established in America in which three powers of government were introduced. 

  • Legislative power(house of representatives and senate)
  • Judiciary (supreme court)
  • Executive power(head of government)
us a flag on gray concrete

History Of The USA (Part-1)

13 states of America hold their power of government

Because it was the treaty in the constitution that the area where 60.thousand people are lived can hold its own government like a state. 

. Washington was the capital of America at that time. 

Conquest of west

When France hold the power of Louisiana, the USA brought that land from her. The south side of the USA was also released from the government of Spain. In 1819, Florida attached to the USA by signing on ‘Adam’s onis treaty’. In the east five major agricultural tribes were lived, the government forced them to move towards the west (Mississippi) where Indians were lived. That act of the USA is called the Indian removal act of 1830.

Mexican American war

When taxes got separated, it got mixed up with the USA in 1845. after that, the new Mexico and California collapse with the USA.

History Of The USA (Part-1)

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