Google Meet | A Personal Review From Educational Perspective

During the Time of Covid Pandemic the most effected sectors for all is Education. Here is my review related to advancement in online Education in Pakistan.

Google Meet Review | Background

Google Meet | A Personal Review From Educational Perspective: It had always been a pleasure to me for studying in an institution, taking classes in a fixed time schedule, straying in the corridors and lawns of the campus, singing in cafeteria with the naughty pals, teasing classfellows during class discussions, putting silly queries during class lecture and enjoy the feedback in return, laughing, playing and studying at the same place.There were  a lot of things which i could count on fingers about studying in an institution traditionally. That is the reason, I never ever thought about online studying otherwise my circumstances were never in my favour especially after secondary school when I had to manage work and school together and  it became very tough for me to study and earn at the same time but due to my personal interest,  I kept on bearing the burden and didn’t let it get on to my nerves. On the other hand, many of my friends studied in online system and advised me to join them but I always refused them but as  it is said that ” Nothing remains forever”  so our lives also got a  turn on the tyranik arrival of covid-19. The whole world transformed its ways of living so did I. The person  who alwaya prefered studying in a traditional syatem was forced to study online from the same university, same teaching faculty but without having the same environment.

I remember, I never tired-off  wandering in the campus but I got fed up of online studying soon. I noticed that there were a lot of stupid issues related to my online classes. The interface was not user friendly, there was limited access on heavy penalty, videos got freeze most of the time, so in short, it became life  tiring for me so I decided to discontinue my studies till the pandemic gets over. I was thinking on these lines when our university changed the online program and instructed us to use GOOGLE MEET program.  Luckily,  I followed the university advise  and started taking classes again through “Google Meet” which soon turned to me as a super active program for studies. It amazed me with its effective tools. I started taking classes seriously and came to know all that “I was thinking about online system” and “problems facing in previous program” made me distrated from online system otherwise it has more pros than cons.

Google Meet | A Personal Review From Educational Perspective

Google Meet program turned my views around. It is actually a video communication service. There is also classroom in it which is different from traditional one. Teaher sends us a unique link for the joining of the class. There is screen for classwork and assignments. It is easy and comfortable for both of us, students and teachers. Sometimes we suffer a lot because of any stupid fellow who not only troubles teachers but also makes  us  irritated so at that time our teacher can remove that student,  the way a teacher does in traditional classroom for punishment.  This is really a life saving facility for  a class creator. I have found many traditional features in it like fixed class schedule, daily homework, assignments, assessments etc. But the best thing is its advanced features which allows almost 150 students in a class. I am proud of telling that  we have 120 students in our class which is definetly a large class and impossible to handle without having a specific environment and tools in a traditional syatem but on Google Meet, it is as easy as anything and I love the session when we all 120 students  share our views on any topic and diaplay abundance of ideas that  one surfs hours and hours on inetrnet. The things I loved in traditional system are found here  in an advanced and convenient level.  For instance,   I can not only enjoy fixed time schedule of class but also can access the bunk lecture again which is impossible in traditional system. I can talk to pals but in a decent way. I can put any query from the teachers. It has great quality in tranamitting voice and video output. Our teacher shares us each and every single possible thing to describe his topic effectively e.g charts, images, board, documents, slides, documenteries, videos, spread sheets and a lot of other things. Even during presentation, we can also use such tools and make our presentation effective. It empowers its clients with enough autonomy as well as grants a broad spectrum to face the up coming challenges of life. It deals with its clients in a gentle, respectful and helpful way. It actually provides an efficient, quick,  high quality and friendly service. To make the large content short, Google meet has facilitated the world in its most difficult times or it illuminated the world in its darkest times when it’s hard to meet  teachers, Google Meet provides us an interface that can be use easily in a professional setting. Above all the best part about this is that these days when there is even tax on breathing, we can access Google Meet absolutely free.

Google Meet | A Personal Review From Educational Perspective

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