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Earthquake in Syria and Turkey

Recent condition in Turkey and Syria.

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  • The first and biggest earthquake of 2023.
  • An accident that shook the whole world.
  • Turkey and Syria need prayers.

(Earthquake in Syria and Turkey)

Two earthquakes in Turkey have shocked the whole world. At 6 February 2023, 4 o’clock in the morning, when the whole of Turkey was sleeping deeply, an earthquake suddenly engulfed Nardagi province of Gaziantep province of Turkey. Soon, it became the biggest and most dangerous earthquake in the history of Turkey, which caused significant destruction not only in Turkey but also in Damascus. The intensity of this earthquake 7.8 Magnitude Recorded.

Not only this, but after the earthquake, 60 aftershocks were also felt up to 80 km. The duration of which was about 9 hours. It should be mentioned here that the magnitude of the earthquake in Turkey is greater than the earthquake that occurred in the northern regions of Pakistan in 2005. From this you can easily imagine what are the conditions of Turkey at the moment and what difficulties the people there are facing.

Earthquake in Syria and Turkey

According to Turkey’s head of disaster services Yunus Cezer, 3419 people have died in Turkey so far from this earthquake while 15800 people have been injured. While 1600 deaths have been confirmed in Syria. In addition, countless buildings have become piles of rubble, and those who are still alive have nothing left but life. In many places, the pictures show the helplessness of people’s faces and the sadness of the death of their close relatives. Apart from this, many pictures on social media are describing this horrible scene. The news is also coming out that people are facing more difficulties due to severe winter in this region.
Aid teams from different countries of the world have also reached Turkey. But no matter how hard anyone tries, no one can bring back the entire family who lost their lives buried under the debris. This is an event in the history of Turkey that not only Muslim countries but also the entire world cannot forget. At this time, every person is praying that Allah will bless Turkey and give patience to those who have lost their loved ones. Amen


Earthquake in Syria and Turkey

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