A Military coup

A story that leads to a military coup

The Staging Of A Military Coup

A Military Coup | By: Amber Fatima | Are you scared of being rejected by officers’ Mr.?

No brother, I am not. but I am afraid of being judged by their eyes.do you know why? it’s all because I think no one can love his homeland as i. I considered myself a great Patriot as compared to anyone else present there. ( Mr.Sarwar said)

Oh!such a jerk. thought by Mr.ahmad

Don’t you think, you are too much confident about your abilities Mr.SArwar..if they reject you then what will be your reaction?

I will be okay but I assure you that They will lose such a patriotic soldier who has the potential to face the war and watching the dream of martyrdom with his open eyes. (Said by Mr.sarwar with great anger)

Okay, it’s your turn, Sarwar, your name is calling by announcer..best of luck 

He is an alien on earth who never considered anyone else before him..he didn’t notice my courage and that, his height is 1 inch smaller than me if he would be my partner in PMA, I will surely ask him why you are saying this to me that I am tired. Thought by Mr. Ahmad when he walking towards the side bench for waiting his turn.

Helo Mr sarwar..our panel will not ask you the long questions. We will judge you with short words you speak .tell us that why you are here?

To face martyrdom 

you will not in armed forces, then what type of job will you choose to fulfill your needs?

I will serve as a soldier as well.

Hows it possible without joining any armed corps

Those who have a passion to serve their lives for their country, they will make their own paths. I know I can do anything for my homeland.

Then do..whatever you want to do. Why you need this platform

Because I need to serve my potentials on large scale without any hesitation and without any ( khof) of being blamed by others on my patriotism.

You can leave now Mr.Sarwar 

one day, His thoughts will pave his paths of doing something great in life thought the panel of officers

Hey PMA I can’t express my feelings right now. I want to jump, fly, run on this land …..said by Ahmad to himself by taking soil from earth on his palm

If that was your destination, then congratulations Mr egoistical. Sursurrated by Sarwar

I will.see you on ground replied by Ahmad

Ouch!whos this is?? don’t you have any sense? Who put this on bister. Its a pin dude. Why you put this on my bed?

Its just a trailer boss, I will show you the whole picture with intervals.

Such a demented personality. I will feel you say sorry one day.

Now it’s our time juniors. hope you all are very happy to be a part of PMA. We wang to welcome you all .come and sit on the ground in a circle. we want to give you some tips to save yourself from the zulm. of dean.

Oops, we are welcome with this muddy water. its great, evil seniors 

Early morning, push-ups, exercises, studies, fix timings of eating, fix the timing of taking bath, fix the timing of chit chat with friends, what is this dude. I will run out one day Sarwar

Let’s go together. Come and follow me without asking any question

Are you mad Sarwar? I will not jump from this wall.

Just come with me. It would be a great adventure in our life 

Go and enjoy your adventure if we got saught by someone, we will be punished and control by virus warden

Warden is fungus dude, he is not a virus

If he will listen, he will surely do our prade with leather belts.

Time runs and now its time to join the army as a soldier and fighter. all the students have joined their posts and Sarwar is now appointed as a commander of soldiers in the region of fata. He gave training to camp members and other soldiers to combat with opponents. He did his duties with great courage and always said

I will shower even my last part of blood for my country.

His eyes were full of dreams to do something great for his country.

Unexpectedly, the war of terror was prevailing.the compatriots were locked in their homes.the avenues were empty. the scene of horror prevailed. everyone trying to save their lives. the military coups were undergrounded.

All this happened due to the entering of 2, 50,000 military coups of state of America, the superpower, in the country of Sarwar..they want to get all the land in his own power. They want to rule over the world like Hitler. they want to surrender the people before them. they occupy all the places of food and brewrages and sell them out with high prices. the most astonishing fact was that they made rape to the women and girls and then supply them to their country like luggage. All this happened due to the lake of courage in people and the selling of regime by the government due to corruption.

I will save my country from this evil, I will show my potential soon with great power.

I need your help Ahmad to start my plan because you are a part of an administrative coup. Will you help me?

I got 25 times punishment in pma because of your overconfidence Sarwar. Don’t you remember when we went out from hostel just for the adventure and we were punished in form of hanging by foot in-ground remember the time span, it was a winter night and we were freezing like an iceberg?

Yeah, I remembered everything dude. But you have to Recall your memory, when you were kidnapped by RAS gang in fata during your tour to there.who was the man who released you? 

A Military coup

Okay, I will help you not because you liberated me from the gang, it’s all because I want to grant freedom to my country.

Wish you best of lick my buddy.

Tell me the whole plan of your evil mind virus

Ahaaa… One more person we required for our plan.

Fungus sir….they both shout respectively

Ahmad Bradshaw here sir.

Yeah!how’s your fungus?

Oops, you know.

The teacher knows each and everything my son, I was waiting for you and sarwar.i know your courage will push you to get freedom in this prevailing situation. Tell me whats the plan. 

Meet us at sharp 3 am in your office sir

I will be there.

The group was made which changed into a coup with red bands on their heads. the coup has 90 percent members of the military and 10 person members of common people having high ranks and fame in their respective regions of the country. All this was done by the plannings of commander Sarwar and Ahmad Bradshaw. ahmad hold all the meetings with administrative coups of USA and Sarwar hold all the meetings with his coup members.

The red brand”freedom fighters” got fame all over the country with their continuous efforts for freedom.

The slogans of freedom were shouted out.the famous slogan was!

I will run, I will climb, I will chase

Until I am breaking until I am breaking.

Their first strategy was to get liberation from food items to save the lives of hungry people .the 2nd strategy was to get rid of the military so they made plans for it. They made continuous efforts and handle all the export-import centers. they hold all the import-export carriages to paralyze the coup internally.3rd strategy they applied was to start an open war against the incoming avengers .the military of the country get together and the common soldiers help out the military feats. 

Everything was going to be well. the foreign coups got afraid of the strength of native people and want to go back to their country.they were afraid of being a slave by the native.

Then, suddenly a nightmare comes, a huge disaster in the country is going to be held. the USA military chief when came to meet the commander Sarwar for signing an agreement to move back to their country, made an attempt to kill him but Sarwar saved.but when he came out from his cabin, a hidden pin of poison stings the commander. he got paralyzed within 2 mints .no one can save his life .everyone lose a revolutionist rebel. But at this position, a time comes when all the foreign military coups are ordered to come back from the respective country. 

Yeah, we can say, commander Sarwar was an evolutionist as well as a life changer. He made history in the book of the military, so he was rewarded Nishan e, Haidar, for his courage, bravery, intelligence, and strength. Our country jeed such patriotic soldiers as well.

A Military coup

Amber fatima (Writer)

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